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Sweet Blood is an American Hard Rock Band formed in South Florida in 2014, by guitarist, and song writer Kris Gainer, Drummer Mark Ellis (formerly of Yngwie Malmsteen), Bass Guitar Dave Robinowitz and Paul McBride, Lead Vocals Salustiano Rodriguez, and Lead Guitar & Vocalist Jae Deryn Moshen. Sweet Blood has composed songs dealing with Repetition of War, Seduction of Substances, Fear in Religion and Free Thinking.


Sweet Blood proudly uses ESP Guitars and Basses

Sweet Blood proudly uses GHS Strings exclusively

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Official Music Video


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Mike O’Cull

Independent music journalist

(Araya Records)

Looking to get your ass kicked? Well, Sweet Blood is here all the way from South Florida to do exactly that. Together since 2014, Sweet Blood is an American hard rock band with a huge and aggressive sound, amazing vocals, and lyrics about war, fear, religion, substances, and free thought. The band’s debut release, Initiation, is a full-bore blast of the kind of rock music that moves stadiums full of people. It blends Trump-era rage with the sort of physically-fulfilling heavy grooves that made us all rock fans in the first place. The sound recalls giants like Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Pantera, and The Doors but maintains its own distinct identity.

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